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 Fire Monserrate!

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Help Us Fire Monserrate

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Help us get Monserrate fired. We are asking for petitions to help get Monserrate fired. The job they are doing is horrible and we need better representation for this position. if you would like to sign the petition please send us an email for a copy of the form and we will gladly provide you with the form to sign. You can either sign and fax back or sign it electronically and forward it back. Please note that with the right number of voices we can make a difference. 

Monserrate and Wood Flooring.

Angelim Pedra Species is an exotic hardwood flooring solution that is rich, amber-colored, and accentuated with an interlocking grain pattern. It has a distinctive appearance with the presence of naturally occurring crystalline compounds. As a floor, its litany of color creates a beautiful mosaic. Each floor is distinctly different from another.

                Its photosensitivity is in the medium range on the photosensitivity scale. This is the measure of how dark the floors will become as they are exposed to sunlight and oxidation. As exotic hardwood flooring ages, its natural beauty is enhanced and develops a richer and more uniform color.

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Indusparquet Wood Flooring

Congoleum Duraceramic

                On the Janka Hardness scale, Angelim Pedra is listed as 3040. The Janka hardness test is a measurement that tests the hardness of wood to see if it is suitable for flooring. In America, this method measures the pounds-force required to embed an 11.28 mm. steel ball into a piece of wood at half the ball’s diameter. The Janka hardness test determines the ability of wood to handle denting and wear. It is also an indicator of how resistant it is to working with the wood, such as sawing and nailing. The Janka Hardness for Angelim Pedra is in accordance with ASTM D 1037-7 testing methods. Testing is not done on actual flooring. It is done on samples.

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Scandian Wood Floors
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Indusparquet Angelim 

                Angelim Pedra has good machining qualities and can easily be sanded and worked with tools.  Its extreme hardness and durability makes it an exceptional floor in both residential and commercial settings.  It is a good choice for flooring, stairs, windows, decking, cabinetry, and furniture. It can be used for interior and exterior joinery and paneling, heavy carpentry, and sliced veneer. Its moderate density gives Angelim Pedra good structural stability. There is little shrinkage.  Because of its extreme hardness, pre-boring is required for nailing and screwing. This wood is moderately hard to work with. Clelar oil works best to bring out color and longevity. It works well with gluing. A careful sanding must be done to obtain a good finish.  The heartwood is resistant to fungi and insects, which makes it an excellent choice for areas where insects, such as termites, are a nuisance. It is resistant to decay and is resistant to water.

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Somerset Value Collection

                Colors vary in appearance depending on the type of wood. The sapwood is a pale brown with a criss-cross grain whereas the heartwood is a light yellow brown. As it ages, this wood maintains its color.  The texture is coarse with a slight interlocked grain. The luster is low to medium. The texture is coarse to very coarse.

                Angelim Pedra originates in Brazil, Guyana, and Surname. It belongs to the FABACEAE family. Its scientific name is Hymenolobium spp. The tree grows from 50-100 feet in height. After it has been cut, timber is placed in storage for air drying and link drying processes.  The lumber is milled to specified dimensions.

                Because of its extreme durability, strength and hardness, Angelim Pedra is an excellent wood flooring solution for both residential and commercial areas. Its distinctive graining makes an interesting mosaic floor. This floor mellows well and will last a lifetime.

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